304, 4-Way Adjustable Curved Blade Supply Grille/Register

Throw Pattern



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Curved Blade

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Sidewall & Ceiling


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Product Features
  • Countersunk mounting holes
  • 1" blade Spacing
  • Individually adjustable blades
  • One piece frame (Up to 14" x 10)
  • Beveled Edges
  • #8 x 2" long mounting hardware
Product Options

Check out one of these pages for more information on our Product Options and/or Product Features. Includes Model Numbers: 304, 304M, 304-O, A304, A304M and A304-O
Company 304M A304M A304O
Hart & Cooley CHM4 A614MS A614OB
Shoemaker CB40M CB40HM --
USAire -- LS4M LS4D
Contintental SACB4 AACB4 --
Lima 294ML AL274ML --
Airmate 404M A454HM AT454HO
If the model number you are looking for is not here, please contact us or your local TRUaire distributor. Sometimes there are numbers that might be missing from this list that we can research for you.
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