About Us

TRUaire® is a leading manufacturer of grilles, registers, and diffusers for the residential and commercial HVAC market

Our Mission
We are focused on providing the highest quality standards in the industry through innovation, customer care, and expertise. We take pride in our dynamic workplace , offering each employee the support needed to achieve their potential. With the largest inventory of finished goods in the industry, we are able to offer competitive pricing to a wide range of clients from local contractors to nationwide distributors.
Our Value
And the best news of all? You’re getting all that Truaire quality, all that Truaire innovation, without the premium price. Our marketing philosophy is not to build cost into our products so we can charge a higher price. Our philosophy is to build quality into each and every product, along with our industry leading service levels.
TRUaire’s® Vision
TRUaire® is a leading manufacturer of grilles, registers, and diffusers for the residential and commercial HVAC market. The company was started in 1984 by two creative individuals who felt that the register and grille market was stagnant and in need of change. The primary goal for these individuals was to focus on the customer. The customer is the most important aspect of any business. This is the vision that they believed in then and continue to believe in today. TRUaire® is driven by the idea that the best way to serve our customers is to build a superior product and provide superior service.
From the first warehouse in Vernon
The first warehouse was opened in Vernon California just outside of downtown Los Angeles. This was a small warehouse of only 35,000 square feet.
From the first warehouse in California, TRUaire® moved to a 100,000 square foot distribution center in Santa Fe Springs California. After a few years TRUaire® opened a second warehouse in Santa Fe Springs with an additional 100,000 square feet.
By maintaining proper inventory, competitive pricing, and prompt delivery, we were able to capture a staggering majority of the California market.
To build a nationwide brand presence
After much deliberation, the decision was made to expand and build a nationwide brand presence. The first step was opening another distribution center in Savannah Georgia. This provided us with the capability of servicing the eastern half of the US with much greater speed and efficiency.
Now that we had a presence in the eastern half of the country, TRUaire® turned its sights on the middle of the country. We chose Houston Texas to open our third distribution center. Our growth in the Texas and surrounding markets has been tremendous.
We always strive for the better
These three strategically located distribution centers afforded us the opportunity to provide unequaled service. From these facilities our customers experience lead times unheard of on a national scale in the grille, register, and diffuser business. Roughly 80 percent of our customers could enjoy 2 to 3 day deliveries. However we wanted to do better.
We opened our 4th distribution center outside Baltimore and our 5th distribution center in Indianapolis. With the opening of these additional centers we entered into the remaining markets and offer the same service we have been providing to the rest of the US.
What was once a 35,000 square foot facility in Vernon California in 1984 has grown to over 800,000 square feet of top quality grilles, registers, and diffusers packed into five distribution centers. By making sure all of our customers enjoy a wide selection of inventory to choose from, prompt delivery, short lead times, and friendly knowledgeable customer service, TRUaire® provides a level of service superior to any other manufacturer of grilles, registers, and diffusers in our industry.
Our Production Environment
TRUaire’s® commitment to making a superior product can be seen at our state of the art factory in Vietnam. We control all aspects of production to make sure that only the very finest product is created and sent to our customers.
This incredible factory employs more than 1,500 skilled workers producing 100,000 grilles, registers, and diffusers per day. More than 100 containers come into the USA per month.
Owning the Vietnam facility means that we can completely control quality and make immediate adjustments when necessary. If any changes need to be made to meet market demands, we can make them much faster than anyone else. This is the type of control we have over our production.
Vietnam has blessed us with dedicated factory workers and we in turn make sure that our employees are well provided for. We make sure that a hot lunch is always served for our day shift and a hot dinner is provided for the night shift.
We offer day care facilities for all of our factory workers and college scholarships programs to our employee’s children. We also have an on site physician to make sure our factory workers are healthy and cared for.
The Future of TRUaire®
TRUaire®, a leading HVAC register and grille manufacturer began operations in 1984. Our first location was a 35,000 square foot warehouse in Vernon, CA. Today, TRUaire® services its nationwide network of customers from five strategically placed Distribution Centers. Our Main Office is located in Santa Fe Springs, California. This facility stocks over 250,000 square feet of product.